Jesus said in Matthew 9 that we should pray for laborers to bring in the harvest now bursting at the seams 2000 years later.  Think about it. Right then and there, Jesus began praying for this generation because He knew laborers would be needed to bring in a harvest of souls.  Jesus also knew these harvest laborers would require tools of information, inspiration and impartation to equip them for the task.

Here at DOMATA School of Ministry we focus on the Word, the Spirit and the World—and we create an environment where God imparts supernatural tools to laborers.

  • INFORMATION — Iron sharpens iron.  We offer a strong and well-rounded foundation of information from God’s Word to sharpen students to excel and achieve for God.
  • INSPIRATION — We yield to the Spirit of God in every class as He wants to manifest and demonstrate.  We teach more by inspiration than our plan of information alone—recognizing that God can do more in 10 minutes that we can do in 10 months.
  • IMPARTATION — Every seed produces after its own kind, and we depend on anointed ministers to deposit supernatural impartations that simply cannot be found in books alone.

DOMATA School of Ministry is a nine-month program designed to train students to minister God’s Word and flow with the Spirit of God.  Curriculum focuses on 10 primary subjects that make all the difference—believer’s authority, faith, gifts of the Spirit and ministry gifts, healing, praise and worship, prayer, prosperity, redemption, evangelism and Spiritology or things pertaining to the Spirit.

The teaching staff is unique.  DOMATA Founder Mark Brazee and DOMATA Overseers Larry & Angela Keeton teach on a regular basis.  Classes also are taught twice monthly by experienced guest ministers well seasoned in the Word of God.  Actively in ministry, our guests bring decades of experience, wisdom, practical advice and fresh insight to our students as they readily share from the anointing on their lives.

Classes meet at 6:30-10pm each Tues-Thurs at World Outreach Church.

Larry and Angela Keeton have been in ministry for more than thirty-five years, serving local churches in varied areas--from youth ministry to singles ministry, pastoring to evangelistic preaching. They met and married when Larry attended RHEMA Bible Training Center where Angela was an instructor.

For almost eighteen years following their marriage, the Keetons lived as missionaries in the nations of the Czech Republic and Poland.

For more than 30 years, Mark and Janet Brazee have traveled around the world sharing the power of God’s Word and Spirit in more than 50 nations of the world.

Mark has taught the Word of God with unction and precision with a special emphasis on the powerful truths of faith and healing.  Born into a minister’s home and born again at an early age, Janet Brazee is known for ushering the presence of God into services through song as she travels alongside her husband.

Today Mark and Janet pastor World Outreach Church in Tulsa, Oklahoma, where they base their ongoing outreach to the world.  The couple are also the founders of DOMATA School of the Spirit.  The Brazees travel as the Lord directs while leading a growing congregation and student body who share their passion to reach Tulsa and the world. 



Do you long to know the Holy Spirit more intimately? Do you want to recognize His voice when He speaks to you? Do you hunger to learn the various ways He moves and to understand how to cooperate and move with Him? Have you had a yearning to operate in the gifts of the Spirit but haven’t known where to start or how to become more fluent in them? Then Domata School of the Spirit is for you!

Successful ministry involves operating in the power of God’s Spirit as well as knowing His Word. Domata classes teach the Word of God while staying open for the Holy Spirit to move at any time and in any way He chooses. As students learn to covet God’s presence and yield themselves to Him, they participate in the gifts and operations of the Holy Spirit, equipping them to minister effectively to others. Domata is committed to raising up men and women who will impact this generation for God!

Domata subjects: Faith, Healing, Prayer, Redemption, Prosperity, Ministry Gifts and Gifts of the Spirit, How to be led by the Spirit, Praise and Worship, Missions and Evangelism, and the Authority of the Believer. Teaching includes the practical aspects of ministering these truths to others.